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Experience a thought-provoking journey with your Tom Renz's bundle pack featuring all 5 of Tom's most recent book releases.


'Lawfare: Strategic Legal Warfare & Other Essays (404)' by Tom Renz explores the power of courtroom battles, revealing lawfare's role in justice and human rights as well as its misuse to subvert justice and silence dissent. This insightful dive into legal warfare is essential for legal professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in the intersection of law, power, and ethics.

'Disease X: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404)' elucidates the evolving landscape of public health practice, raising critical questions about the intersection of science, policy, and ethics. From the implications of expanding the scope of public health to the challenges of minimizing confounding factors in research studies, readers are prompted to consider the broader implications of epidemiological inquiry. With clarity and insight, Renz empowers readers to critically evaluate scientific evidence, navigate public health discourse, and contribute to informed decision-making in an increasingly complex world.

'The COVID Fight: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404)' [AMAZON BESTSELLER] delves into the consequences of unchecked fraud during the pandemic crisis, urging us to confront harsh realities.

In 'CBDCs: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404): Central Digital Bank Currency,' explore the significance of Central Bank Digital Currencies in today's financial world. 

Lastly, ModRNA: Why It Matters & Other Essays (404) [AMAZON BESTSELLER] sheds light on the potential risks of untested vaccines and gene therapies, emphasizing the importance of regulated innovation for our future.

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